SPOTTED: A little daytime sparkle.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top: The Girl That Loves Pants: H&M (not similar, but really really cute) Shoes: Target Sunnies: ASOS Lips: BITE

I can not believe another year has gone by. 2013 was certainly a wild ride for me. I left my life in Atlanta, moved back home to a relatively "small" town, that besides my incredible family, I had absolutely zero roots to anymore, started taking the blog seriously and searched endlessly for that big girl job. Here at the end of this rollercoaster year I can confidently say that I am having way more fun in my little seaside town than I ever thought possible. I have met some incredible people and all I can do is wonder what took us so long to reconnect.

As far as my status as supreme fashion blogger, well that one is still in the works. I have loved every second of styling my own looks, and while I may still be completely awkward in front of the camera, I promise it will get better. Now if God could just work on the big girl job so I can afford my ever expanding closet.

Some things I am looking forward to for the new year:

1. Turning 25. I think I have finally accepted it, partly because my lovely sister will not let me forget I will be half way to 30....but I think I am ready for it. Growing up a little bit, taking the leap into the next chapter of my life. Bring it.

2. Getting out into the big bad working world. It's gotta happen eventually right?

3. Moving out and living in my own place. I can not wait to decorate my own apartment, have a wonderfully styled bar cart, and host fabulous dinner parties. My Pinterest boards can't wait for this either.

4. Accepting the love I deserve. In all aspects, whether it be friends, a gentleman caller, or family. I have been through a lot in my life and just can't wait to see where I go.

5. Continue finding my blogger voice. Become more confident in my style choices and growing. Meeting blogger friends, learning all I can about this crazy, super fun and stylish world.

Now, about my outfit. I love a good dose of sparkle. And NYE is the perfect night to let it all hang out like a giant discoball. (ATL friends will get that one).  I never go in with a specific idea as to what look I want to ring in the new year wearing, but receiving this top from my new favorite online shopping destination, The Girl That Loves was a no brainer. And a good printed pant and red lip are a downright unbeatable combo. Duh.

Well now that I have literally written a novel. Happy New Year my amazing readers! Here's to an even better and stylish 2014!

spotted: how to make the not so perfect top knot.

Friday, December 27, 2013

I have never been all that adventurous when it comes to my hair. That's a total lie, I will change the color, cut and bang length at the drop of a hat. However, when it comes to styling.... I tend to take the safe route and just blow dry. Nothing too complicated. So when I first saw this knot demonstrated I was incredibly intimidated, but it definitely is not as hard as it looks. Y'all, this literally takes about 7 minutes. Hello. Easy.

Step one: if you don't have a teasing comb go out to Sally's Beauty and shell out $3 and you won't be sorry. I start by teasing the front section so that my pony has some body. 

Step two: pull hair up in a high pony. Make sure the front section you just teased is still got some life to it! Grab a pony holder and get to work, doesn't really matter what color the hair tie is. You won't see it! 

Step three: tease the heck out of the pony. I like to grab smaller sections of hair, since mine is quite thick. It really takes some playing around to get it right for your hair. 

Step four: tame the pony. Just kind of squish it with your hands to make it not so unruly. I promise, when you're done teasing it will literally. Be all over the place! 

Step five: wrap hair around the base of the pony. Simple enough. If it doesn't look just right, don't worry. We have yet to bobby. 

Step six: bobby pins. Little tip I just learned from Pinterest (obvi) is the way a bobby pin is supposed to go in the hair. It's all about the bumpy side DOWN. Use as many as you need. This is how I make the wrapped hair really look like a bun. When in doubt, stick a pin. 

Step seven: I like to then pull the sides a little, keeping with that non-perfect look. 

Step eight: HAIRSPRAY. Make sure that suckers not movin. 

Step nine: TADA. Take a minute to admire your handy work. 

Tools: Teasing comb. DryBar Hairspray. Hair tie. Bobby pins. 

If you aren't thinking, HELLO New Year's Eve hair, you are a crazy person. Beyond easy and simple, but chic. Slap on a red lip and you're golden. 

SPOTTED: Courtney Loves Dallas.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

So it should be no surprise to you people that I might quite possibly have a maj girl crush on a Texas gal on Bravo. I have loved Courtney Kerr's style since her debut on Most Eligible Dallas. And I feel like fashion bloggers everywhere have been utterly obsessed ever since! The elements that are essential to her style, I think, are lots of leopard, a great shoe, curled hair and a teasing comb. 

Her new show, Courtney Loves Dallas, is the perfect blend of blog life, southern charm and some of the best one liners EVER. I feel that we are going to learn all of life's truly important lessons, like what to wear when seeing an ex, how to have SICK dance moves and how to best chat with your clothes. Here are some lessons we have learned so far. 

For all y'all out there that don't know, you can now buy baubles that were handpicked by this sassy gal. To create that over the top in the best way possible, from BaubleBar. I chose this stunner. 

Y'all can watch Courtney Loves Dallas on Bravo, Thursdays at 10pm. Come get addicted with me! 

spotted: kids section strikes again.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Vest: Old Navy, kids section ($7 in store). Button down: Old Navy. Denim: Old Navy
Booties: H&M (ancient, similar) Necklace: H&M Sunnies: Guess, (similar)

There are very few times that I hate being short. When I can't reach something on one of the higher shelves in the kitchen, or when Forever 21 decides to put the most amaze dress where only 7 feet tall women can reach, and when the mall security look at me like I am under 16 and need to be looking for my mommy. Talk about frustrating. 

I do have to say, there are wayy more perks than cons however. I can wear really tall shoes, I get carded wherever I go, people automatically think I'm just too cute, and I never have to worry about a man being too short. Another thing I have recently figured out is that I can shop in the kids section. This may sound ridiculous but many don't realize that the bigger kids size shoes are actually the same as the smallest women's shoes. SCORE. 

While Black Friday weekend shopping, my sis, mom and I ventured into Old Navy desperate for some deals. We got my sis a few jackets, some workout wear and me absolutely nothing. We went into the kids section to look for something for a Tacky Christmas Party that Erin was hosting at her house in the Boro when I found this gem of a vest. Erin dared me to try it on, clearly she was doubting my ability to fit into a XL kids puffy vest. It was amaze, had pockets and was 50% off the already discounted price. After months of hunting for the perfect vest, I had finally found it! 

Savannah weather is kind of a mess, literally it was like 82 degrees one day last week, so I never really want to invest much into winter trendy items like a puffy vest. Gotta prioritize. 

spotted:Target strikes again & collab with whim of the south.

Monday, December 16, 2013

I have a confession. I am a Target addict. It is something I have struggled with for a very long time, but I feel like we are close enough now that I can reveal this secret. A few weeks ago I found these beauties in the sale section. I saw the price ($11 BTW), got too excited, tried them on and that smile turned upside down. I really needed a half size bigger, so with my happiness balloon deflated, I decided to leave these crazy good looking pumps. 

Before you get too sad, later that day I saw an Instagram photo from a fellow SBSociety blogger, Whim of the South, of these shoes. Immediately we get into a Twitter chat about them, that prompted me to run to Target the second it opened the following day and pray to the shoe gods that they were still there. Clearly it was destiny since they now sit in my closet in all their gorg burgundy red glory. And like they say, beauty is pain. For the sake of the shoe, I will deal with the half size too small situation.They are absolutely the perfect holiday shoe.

Here are my new gal pal and author of Whim of the South's looks. Isn't she adorbs?!

Those textured tights! I love em. Accessories are really the most fun part about most outfits, so why wear boring solid tights when you could be rocking a great patterned pair! DUH. 

You really can't go wrong with a good LBD. They are crazy classic and chic for a holiday party! And throw on a great little fur vest, hello DIVA. Top the whole look off with the perf red lip to match our fab Target find!! 

Now that you've seen this adorable girl, check out her blog. Presh! 

The first look I wanted was one that screamed a fabulous friend holiday party. Like my current reality tv obsession/bestie if we ever met in real life Courtney Kerr said in the last episode...."I'm all about a jumpsuit. Jumpsuits don't scare me."

Jumpsuit, on crazy sale at Urban Outfitters (similar). Shoes: Target (obvi). Sunnies: Asos 
Watch: Marc Jacobs

Second look was more for NYE. Usually New Year's is thought of as sparkles, sparkles and more sparkles. I decided to break out this super fun feather skirt as a different way of adding texture and FUN without going the obvious route. And all white everything is super fun. 

Blazer: H&M (similar). Tee: Forever 21. Feather skirt: H&M (old, super cute one from Shop Dandy). 
Necklace: H&M (similar). Nails: Essie, Sure Shot

spotted: my bieber shoes.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Leather Jacket: H&M (old, similar) Tank: Forever 21 Pants: Gap (old, similar) Scarf: World Market
Shoes: Target (old, similar) Sunnies: Asos (Ray-ban version

When the sneaker wedge first came out, I will have to admit I was NOT a fan. I didn't understand why someone would want to velcro their tennis shoes and throw in a few inches of height. Just made no sense. You can't run in those. And I have a strict no athletic wear with denim, so clearly I was completely against the this. Then I went to Target....which we all know is the end. Target makes you find things you don't want or need and then all of the sudden you are home, unloading a full car of all this random nonsense. These sneaks included. 

Granted I got them on sale, but when I tried these puppies on, y'all I was changed. I figured out they aren't really that bad. Kind of fun. And you can in fact run in them. Every time I have gone out, they are the topic of conversation. My loving friends call them my Bieber shoes. I most definitely have an addiction, I am basically stalking the all black pair at Target. Just waiting for them to go on sale! 

Do any of y'all feel the way I do about these terrible, but awesome footwear?

In other news......I am beyond excited for the second episode of Courtney Loves Dallas. If you haven't had the joy of watching the first one, get to Bravo NOW and do it. She is literally all that I aspire to be in life. All wrapped up in a hilarious bow. Things I have learned from her so far....wear a sweater with a giant cat on it when you know you're going to see your ex and that although it has been wayyy too long since I've had a boyfriend, clothes & fashion will always be there. 

Meet CK here

spotted: my very first collaboration, ever!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I am beyond excited to announce my very FIRST collaboration on the blog today!! It is with a fab lady I met through the Lucky Community. She is beyond adorable, and has the cutest daughter pretty much ever. She wears the cutest headbands and these moccasins I just really want in my own grown-up closet! (Yes, I do stalk her & her baby on instagram, whoops.) We decided to collaborate and immediately the color cobalt blue popped into conversation. I had another outfit planned, which was going to include a big statement piece, so clearly great minds almost think alike! Samantha does such a great job of mixing the color in so many ways, that all mesh really well...and can we talk about her DIY'd heels! I can't even. Meet my lovely new blogger BFF. I am utterly convinced we would be totally be real life besties.   

Hi, I'm Samantha! I'm a Mom to the sweetest 2 year old in the world, a Wife to my high school sweetheart, a Beauty & Fashion lover, DIY'er, Product Junkie, Interior Decorating Obsessed, Foodie, Traveller, and Author of PLAYDATES + PEARLS.

Jeans: H&M. Polka-dot Shirt: Old Navy. Sweater: Old Navy. Necklace: (similar). Shoes: DIY'd from old pair of nude heels (GENIUS lady!!). Scarf: Souvenir from Paris. Jacket: Guess, last year (similar).

I chose to style cobalt blue in subtle ways by layering jewelry, a scarf, and pumps onto a very simple and casual outfit. This is such an easy and effortless look that could be recreated with items you probably already own, as well as easily transitioned from day to night. Grab a collared shirt (or steal one of your husbands if he's not an XL to your S...or vice-versa), throw a sweater over it, and top your look off with any statement necklace, heels, or scarf in cobalt blue or a color of your choosing. Viola! Bring flats with you if you're going out in sky-high heels. I always pack a pair of Dr Scholls foldable flats in black.

BONUS! You can enter to win a gorgeous blue ombre scarf from Samantha! How awesome is that?! 

To see how I styled the color cobalt check out Samantha's blog, PLAYDATES + PEARLS and say hi! 

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