spotted: how to make the not so perfect top knot.

Friday, December 27, 2013

I have never been all that adventurous when it comes to my hair. That's a total lie, I will change the color, cut and bang length at the drop of a hat. However, when it comes to styling.... I tend to take the safe route and just blow dry. Nothing too complicated. So when I first saw this knot demonstrated I was incredibly intimidated, but it definitely is not as hard as it looks. Y'all, this literally takes about 7 minutes. Hello. Easy.

Step one: if you don't have a teasing comb go out to Sally's Beauty and shell out $3 and you won't be sorry. I start by teasing the front section so that my pony has some body. 

Step two: pull hair up in a high pony. Make sure the front section you just teased is still got some life to it! Grab a pony holder and get to work, doesn't really matter what color the hair tie is. You won't see it! 

Step three: tease the heck out of the pony. I like to grab smaller sections of hair, since mine is quite thick. It really takes some playing around to get it right for your hair. 

Step four: tame the pony. Just kind of squish it with your hands to make it not so unruly. I promise, when you're done teasing it will literally. Be all over the place! 

Step five: wrap hair around the base of the pony. Simple enough. If it doesn't look just right, don't worry. We have yet to bobby. 

Step six: bobby pins. Little tip I just learned from Pinterest (obvi) is the way a bobby pin is supposed to go in the hair. It's all about the bumpy side DOWN. Use as many as you need. This is how I make the wrapped hair really look like a bun. When in doubt, stick a pin. 

Step seven: I like to then pull the sides a little, keeping with that non-perfect look. 

Step eight: HAIRSPRAY. Make sure that suckers not movin. 

Step nine: TADA. Take a minute to admire your handy work. 

Tools: Teasing comb. DryBar Hairspray. Hair tie. Bobby pins. 

If you aren't thinking, HELLO New Year's Eve hair, you are a crazy person. Beyond easy and simple, but chic. Slap on a red lip and you're golden. 


  1. Thanks for sharing! Your hair looks adorable! I will have to try this...I'm always looking for easy styles for workdays!

    Simply Cydney

    1. Sweet!! It is seriously the easiest thing ever! Love! xo

  2. Great tutorial! My hair always looks so thin when I try the top knot and I'm pretty sure it's because I'm not teasing - such a good idea!

    How do you like the Dry Bar hair products??


    1. Yes!! The teasing should help...mine definitely gets a lot of volume from it!!

      I have always been a fan of drybar and their products do not disappoint! The dry shampoo and the hairspray are like heaven (and smell AMAZING)!!!


  3. I LOVE THIS!!! Who knew about the bobby pin bumpy side down??? I cannot wait to try mine again to see if it works better! Thanks!

    1. Thank goodness for Pinterest!! It makes complete sense and literally works so much better! Did you try it yet!? xo


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