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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dress // Shoes // Necklace // Sunnies (real version) // Earrings 

I will be the first to admit I have never been a big fan of dresses. Which I know is crazy, mostly because I love the idea of a dress. A one piece look, that is easy, breezy and (not to be cliche) beautiful. But I have the hardest time finding ones that work. I have made it my own personal vow this spring to keep an open mind, and open up my basically all printed pants wardrobe and make room for some flow frocks.

This little number from Pink Blush is one of the few that has made its way into my colorful world. I fell in love with the boho-inspired look and the fun subtle print. Perfect for dinner and drinks with the gals, or over a fabulous swimsuit for a day at the beach, stalking Zac Efron. 

OMG, forgot to tell y' boyfriend is in Savannah. Filming a new movie, the hottie with a body is looking gorgeous (le duh), on the beach that I grew up in. This is not why I will be going to the beach this Friday, but just a crazy and insane coincidence. (wink wink). 

Shop the dresses I now NEED in my closet:

Seeing Blue.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dress (old, Anthro - similar feel) // Shoes // Necklace (different color)// Clutch // Sunnies // Earrings 

There is no secret I am a short girl. I have been the same height since approximately 2004 (or so the height marker in my closet shows), and have finally accepted the fact that I will forever be a short stack. And I love it. 

The pros to being short you wonder.... and believe me, there are more pros than cons.

1. You get carded at just about every bar because people automatically assume you're 12 years old. Hey, I've decided its flattering and will love it when I'm 30. 

2. I never have to worry about being taller than a man suitor. Even in five inch heels. Because, lets face it...I like em tall. 

3. I can wear some tops as dresses, and some dresses as maxis. Depending on the shoe choice, the proportions can change. 

And while I will forever be too short to see the band at most outdoor concerts, I can always ask the cutie standing next to me for a lift. Or just smile and get to the front, make goo-goo eyes with the band, get backstage and become some famous girlfriend. Le duh. 

This post took a crazy turn, but such is my life. HA! This dress is from last year at Anthropologie and I love the colors. Definitely a piece that can go from season to season. And I got it for a steal at under $50! 

Mix And Match.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Coat // Dress // Shoes // Earrings (c/o) // Necklace (similar) // Sunnies (real version) // Watch // 
Bracelets (here, here, here)

There is something about a statement piece that can take a look to a whole other level. When I got these pictures back, I could not help but think....dang, this look is so glam! A piece that makes an impact, one that you know is going to turn heads is so worth it if you really want to show your style. It can also elevate a piece that was fairly inexpensive, like this striped dress from Old Navy (under $20!!). This coat from H&M (no longer on the website...enter sad face emoji here), does the trick for me. I am more in love with it every single time I put it on and I love making up different looks with it. 

A couple months ago, I got an email with this coat on it and knew it had to be mine. I quickly ran (virtually, of course) to the website, filled my shopping cart and haven't looked back. So much glee happened it is almost embarrassing when it finally came in, and I was pleasantly surprised how much in my closet actually went with this statement making piece.

What I learned from this is that when you have a gut reaction for a piece that stands out, do like I did and just pull the trigger. I guarantee you will be thinking about it again and again, and will be so sad if you try later and it is sold out. This has happened too many times with me. 

Side note, don't forget to use my code "emilyxoxo3" to get your first month of Rocksbox FREE! The Gorjana bracelet shown in today's look was in last month's box and I miss it terribly. 

Peachy Keen.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Top // Denim // Shoes // Bag // Earrings // Sunnies (the real version) // Nails

Sometimes the simplest outfits are the best. I can't believe I even made this outfit, without my signature giant necklace. I recently got this "BFF" bar necklace with my main chick Katie and I can't take it off. It is the perfect easy piece that brings a touch of finish to an outfit that you don't want to look too overdone in. And it solidifies my best friend status. Duh.

The detail on this spring sweater is unreal in person, and on major sale! I can't wait to pair it with a destroyed boyfriend short and wear it to a late night baseball game. High teased pony and a hot pink lip I think are going to accompany that ensemble. Naturally.

One more piece of random fact, since I feel like this post is jumping all over the place, I have decided to expand the types of posts I publish. While I know y'all love seeing my shining face every time, almost as much as I like being in front of the camera....I have decided to expand to add some food and drinks to the menu. If you know me at all, you know I am a pretty picky eater, and definitely not going to be a contestant on the Next Food Network Star any time soon. Although I have been known to binge watch Chopped or basically anything on that channel.

So, I figured I would share with y'all what I love. Easy and tasty little appetizers and of course, delicious cocktails. Hints the reason to announce this today, seeing as I was sipping on the most delish Peach Sangria on today's look. My longtime friend, and food blogger Josh, of The Hungry Southern Wanderer, is going to help me launch this brand new section of the blog. I am so excited!!

What kinds of apps and drinks would y'all like to see?! Chef Emily, well... lets be real mostly Chef Josh, are taking all kinds of requests!

Shop the Kate Spade bags I have to have, since I could not find the one featured today: 

Hey There Sailor.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Top (love this too) // Denim // Shoes (c/o Diana Warner) // Clutch (C. Wonder) // 
Sunnies (real version) // Lips // Necklace (similar)

There are few things I love more than a good chambray shirt, comfy shoes, fresh blooms and a bright lip. Luckily for you, and me, this look as all of the above, making me one happy little blogger. 

Let me tell y'all about these white jeans. I know it is a battle for me every year come springtime to find a pair that really work. I feel like it is the ultimate dressing room showdown when I go in, armed with my best nude undergarments (for obvious reasons), cute top options and a good pair of shoes. I always want to create the kinds of looks I'm going to be wearing with my white denim so I can make sure they will really work. White jeans can often be too tight, show too much of what we don't want and that awful see through pocket situation.

Here in lies the LookOut High Rise Crop from none other than J. Crew. I might be biased considering I work there, but they are the BEST. Just trust me. The high rise is not like a "mom jean" and is actually super flattering, while the crop is right at the ankle and perfect for the little messy roll. 

Oh, and the thing I love more than all I've already listed....a good blowout. Obvi. 

Here are some lip colors to take you into spring, paired with your new high rise white denim. 

Hello Pretty.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Top (old from Anthropologie) // Pants // Shoes // Necklace // Bag (Old Navy, couldn't find it online!) // Earrings // Nails // Rings (here, here) // Sunnies (real version)

One thing I think people are afraid of is mixing colors. The biggest thing I find while helping style people at work, whether they be a seasoned J. Crew shopper or a first timer, I think everyone gets a little wary. They think their jewelry needs to match a color in the top, which needs to both go with the pant or skirt. And there is no possible way coral, bright yellow and turquoise can remotely go together in the same ensemble. 

My biggest piece of advice I can give while trying to figure out how to best mix colors is to play around with it. You never know what will work, or not, unless you try it on and see. Often times the most unexpected ones go the best. For a more tonal look, take colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. Where ones that are opposites on that same wheel might make for a more impactful look.

Some of my all time favorite color combinations, to act as a guide: 

1. Neon Pink and Turquoise
2. Tone on tone neutrals: Blush, Tan, Gold, Ivory
3. Navy Blue and Black (don't cringe, it actually can be quite chic)
4. Yellow and Cobalt Blue 
5. Turquoise with literally every color. It's the perfect pop color.

And if all else fails, reach out to me! Lets be besties!

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