SPOTTED: my halloween inspiration.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

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I absolutely love Halloween. The dressing up in silly costumes, getting to be super creative with our DIY projects and buying things you never thought you would ever wear, ever is just too much fun not to take part! This year I toyed with a few options, but ultimately went with my sister Erin's first suggestion. Clearly she is a genius and I should have just listened to her when she said to be the ultimate 90's chick, Kelly Kapowski. Heller. I guess sometimes sisters are right! 

There are many fashion choices that were made because Kelly wore it. And for all of y'all who lived under a rock, or didn't watch reruns in the morning at breakfast, Kelly Kapowski was THE IT GIRL on Saved by the Bell. She was the cheerleader, smart girl and love of Zack Morris' world. 

Kelly made you want to rock off the shoulder sweatshirts, white keds, floral print and anything tight or cropped. 

Here are some fashion lessons we learned from the most popular girl at Bayside:

1. Floral print. Jeans (mom style obvi) and bodcon skirts were a staple for that good girl persona. 

2. Off the shoulder tops. Preferably ones that have Bayside Tigers written on it. And you must lean your chin on the exposed shoulder for that sultry look. 

3. White keds. YES. No more needs to be said. 

4. She was the one that made the bandeau HOT. With suspenders and mom jeans. 

5. DENIM. Cropped denim vests, jackets, mom shorts and jeans. And if you can rock the acid wash you are just an overachiever. 

It is just too hysterical that all these Kelly fashion must-haves are back! It was beyond easy to create this costume and I can't wait t rock it like there's no tomorrow! Teased butterfly bangs and all. 

Where is my Zack Morris!!?

SPOTTED: the ultimate finisher.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I am all about the finisher of an outfit. That one piece that transforms your look from something that would be on the mannequin, to the runway. Even if your runway is your hallway. Werk it gurl. Some of my finishers are huge chunky baubles, a fabulous scarf or a blazer. However, if you look at my Pinterest boards lately, I have found I am a tad obsessed with the hat. Wide brimmed, all shades, all fabrics. I just can't get enough. I want to have my own J.Lo moment. 

Some of my favs come from some budget friendly sites. Obvi. I'm all about a great deal, especially when it comes to more trendy items. Not all of us can have a celeb budget. Le sigh. 

H&M: $17.95 

Forever 21: $15.80 

Zara: $29.90

What are y'alls go-to finishers for an outfit??!


Monday, October 28, 2013

T-shirt: Old Navy Vest: Old Navy Leggings: Suede from Hue (the best!!) Flats:old, Steve Madden Sunglasses: Asos Watch: Marc Jacobs Earrings: BaubleBar

As I am now thestyleHUNTER, I felt an army green military inspired vest was the most appropriate form of clothing. I mean, OBVI. And of course, a little leopard does my heart all kinds of good.

I am fully aware of the issue people have with wearing leggings as pants, but there are some circumstances that make this okay. 

1.If your leggings are not the $8 pair from Target that are kind of see through and only appropriate with an oversized sweatshirt and fuzzy socks on your couch then you might be able to wear them in public. 

2.If they are made of a material such as leather or suede then they are technically a distant relative of the pant than a sister to the legging, and therefore appropriate. 

3. And this is my hard and fast rule, that MUST be followed at all times. Your shirt must always, always cover your rear. Y'all I don't think anyone wants to see that. No. No. And no. 

Of course these are just my opinion but I can't help but think they are incredibly correct. Le duh. 

SPOTTED: edgy & blog-friendly but completely &utterly impractical.

Absolutely no clue who lives in this house, but I am beyond jealous of it. Let me tell you, Marianne and I all but broke into the side gate peeking to get a close up view of this mansion on the river. And I can't lie, I look just darlin' standing in front of it. 

Top: Forever 21 Skirt: H&M Booties: H&M (old) Purse: Phillip Lim x Target Sunnies: Guess (similar) Watch: Marc Jacobs Earrings: H&M 

I have had this shirt all summer, a steal at $13 on sale, but I just couldn't figure out what to do with it. When I was blog outfit creating in my room about 15 minutes before Marianne came to meet me to shoot, I laid out this look and thought, YES I am a blogger genius. Love the oversized whitewashed shirt with the tighter leather mini. Done. I was sure of it! Y'all can't see but it is so long on all 5 foot 2 of me that when I sit down, it pokes out the bottom of the skirt, making it my very first only-wearing-this-on-the-blog-because-its-completely-impractical-otherwise look. I can now say I have done something solely for the art of fashion. AHH. I feel legit. 

I do however plan on subbing in either a plaid button-down or a blue/white stripe top with a huge bauble to take the look from heck no to ohhh yes. 

SPOTTED: literally. hello leopard.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Jacket: H&M T-Shirt: Old Navy Jeans: Gap Scarf: Charming Charlie Shoes: Chinese Laundry (at tjmaxx)                    Purse: Asos Sunglasses: Asos
If you know anything about me, you will know that I love a good chunky necklace. The bigger the better, the more colorful, the heavier, as they say….beauty is pain. I love layering smaller baubles for that eclectic vibe, I just can’t get enough. However, in the fall, I have a confession. Hi, my name is Emily and in the fall I sometimes cheat on my necklaces with scarves. Really they are just a warmer version on a necklace, so you can see where my obsession lies. I literally have a basket full of these lovelies. Thanks to my amazing friend Haley, this leopard scarf is my newest addition. We have now eternally bonded over our love of leopard, now having matching best friend scarves to match our bracelets.
I have never claimed to be bargain shopper but I have to admit this outfit ended up being quite the bargain. I about DIED when I looked at the price tag of this jacket, seeing as it was only $20!! Regular priced people. Ultimate score. The chick at the register was like, I need to go on break so I can buy it. And we proceeded to make up outfits in the store as I was checking out.


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SPOTTED: a bit of camouflage for this hunter.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

T-Shirt: Gap Jeans: Urban Outfitters Flats: Gap Necklace: Boutique find Sunglasses: Guess (similar)
 Watch: Marc Jacobs Ring: David Yurman

Every style hunter needs a bit of camo in their life. Now I can't lie, this is not my first time in the print, and I'm sure it won't be my last. However, I am just happy this time I am not decked out in a big puffy onesie with matching camo boots, scully cap and in a deer stand at 2 o'clock in the morning. The things we will do for boys when we are 18 and don't know any better. I do wish I would have snapped a quick pic of that fashion emergency. So, as you can imagine, finding these flats, I could not wait to redeem myself in a much more chic camouflage ensemble. Yes. This is much better.  

SPOTTED: boho chic.

Dress: Entourage Necklace: Entourage Clutch: Hobo Sunnies: Guess (similar) Watch: Marc Jacobs Ring: David Yurman 

To say that I could eat, sleep and dream in this dress would be entirely accurate. I love a good maxi, while I have considered them more of a spring/ summer late-night choice, after scoring this baby I am now a believer that they are a year round piece. Hello winter white. 

SPOTTED: mirrored sunnies.

I have coveted the Ray-Ban mirrored sunglasses since I saw my fav southern fashion gal, Courtney Kerr, rocking them. Side note: Y'all will learn I most definitely have a crazy girl crush on that chick, so when I saw she had them on, I had to have.

However, the $150 price tag was something I just couldn't do. I am all about investing in certain pieces, and sunnies are definitely a staple for a blogger, but I just had to search for a cheaper pair. A few weeks later, no such luck. Literally couldn't find them anywhere. I had all but decided to bite the bullet and get the Bans when I logged onto Asos. There they were, in the men's sunglass department. My $20 version of the shiny Ray-Bans.

I have since been wearing them whenever I can. Wherever I can. No matter if it is sunny or cloudy.

Original Photos via Marianne Lucille Photography

welcome fellow hunters.

I am so incredibly excited to launch my new blog space. You might recognize me from another little blog called all that sparkles. I have had that blog for a few years, but just decided recently to start adding my own outfit posts. As a baby blogger, I felt like I was having an identity crisis with this name and it needed to be solved. Thank goodness for ASOS. I tweeted a link to one of my posts where I had a pair of their fabulous sunnies on and they so lovingly called me a "style hunter." Little did they know that would be the spark (no pun intended) I had been looking for!

And thus the concept was born. The Style Hunter. A fitting name for this South Georgia blogger. While I may not be decked out in neon orange and big camouflage onesies, I do have quite the obsession with the hunt. The search. The adrenaline that is associated with finding that perfect pair of jeans, trendy top or that incredible handbag, is something I live and breathe for. I hope y'all will enjoy this journey with me as I take inspiration from all different places and hunt for the perfect pieces to fit into my ever-growing closet. 

Let's get to huntin'! 

P.S. I will be posting pictures that have appeared on my previous blog. I can't waste all that fabulous fashion y'all.

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