Twenty Five Years Young?

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The last 25 years have been nothing but a slew of fantastic memories, great friends, loving family, and of course some truly iconic outfits. I decided to honor the birth of me, by allowing y'all to have a glimpse of my fashion highs and also some questionable choices. We all have them right? But of course, like any other child, I firmly blame my mother for anything that might raise eyebrows. She had a thing for matching outfits, lace socks and a little too much Oshkosh. 

Had to get a birthday shot in. Not sure if it's mine, but I do know I am serving it to you with my matching stripes, oversized faux eyeglasses and bow. 

Taken at a friend's wedding, with one of my absolute best friends, I love this look. I do regret cutting my hair that short, not a huge fan looking back. However, the Rachel Zoe moment I wanted to achieve is ALL THERE. Slightly hippie dippie trippie, with a pop of turquoise. Yes. 

Now I have no words for this. I think it was a slumber party in which we were dressing up, obvi. I didn't make a habit of wearing high waisted umbros, a windbreaker and some clogs. However, I had to pay homage to my first ever red lip. 

Look at that pose. Clearly I was a blogger before it was cool. No wonder I am obsessed with jumpsuits, I've been rocking them for years. 

I prove my point. A ruffle, jungle print jumpsuit. Need I say more. 

This is one of my dad's favorite pictures of me, like ever. Not quite sure why. It is probably the gloves. 

 So many trends making their debuts across the pond in this shot. This picture was taken in Paris, and we are serving the Europeans with a heavy dose of oversized sunnies and denim jackets. 

Few things are better to me than leopard, a romper and a pop of turquoise.

So much 90's goodness happening. Check out the tank and short shorts behind me. 

 My senior year prom dress. I was so beyond obsessed, and still kind of am. 

Oh my panama hat. Gosh I love that thing. With a floral mini, to a concert on a lake. What else would you expect from me people?

Last but not least. What? You don't cut the grass in crew socks and a ribbon in your hair? Don't forget the safety glasses. 

Here's to 25 more years of unfortunate, and utterly fabulous fashion risks. 

Blogger Bloopers.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Top: H&M Denim: Old Navy Kicks: Target (similar) Necklace: BaubleBar (le duh) 
Sunnies: ASOS (similar)

Living in Savannah is like living inside the most gorgeous, temperamental place. The weather changes hourly, going from sunny to rainy to cloudy to 85 degrees. But everywhere you go, you can find a view that will take your breath away. Now, some might consider taking blog pics in a cemetery might be creepy, but when it looks like can't not. And obvi a giant neckpiece and sneaker wedges are the appropriate attire. Duh.

A not so funny, but still kind of hilarious story happened while getting ready for this shoot. The plan was to do a recreation of my New Years Eve outfit, with a spring twist. Now, I have been known to change outfits, very strategically, in the back seat of my car. This makes putting on leather leggings, lots of layers all while dodging for cars and bike riders a sport of their own. Y'all I don't recommend it. The top I wore for NYE was a GORG peplum from Anthropologie that I have literally been obsessed with forever. So while changing, in the back seat of my car, in a cemetery, there was so much going on that the zipper got caught on I don't even know what. Sent me into a panic. Like this one time I was in Forever 21 with my best friend Katie and I was completely freaking out because the one time I decide to try things on, a dress got stuck on me and the zipper would not move. And the dress wasn't even that cute. Ugh. We were talking through the dressing room walls and all she could do was laugh. Sweet. 

Well, clearly this flashback added more pressure onto the situation and I called out for assistance. My photographer, Marianne, to the rescue! We got it so that I could take it off, after like 13 minutes of being stuck and trying to move the zipper pull thing far enough down that I could shimmy it while laughing and watching people walk around. 

The blogging game is nothing but full of surprises. What is your biggest blogger blooper?


Monday, February 17, 2014

Leather Jacket: H&M Plaid shirt: H&M Denim: Old Navy Shoes: Chinese Laundry (TJ Maxx) Sunnies: ASOS Initial Necklace: Entourage Hat: Trunk 13 

Over the Christmas break I decided to work at this adorbs boutique in the Design District of Savannah. Charming boutiques and stores, in the coolest locations make up this colorful and stylish district. Trunk 13 Boutique is exactly what my closet would look like if I literally had no budget, and could just go swipe happy with my credit card that I would never have to pay back. Heaven. A mix of funky and classic pieces, if you are in the Savannah area you definitely need to check this place out. If not, never fear, there's a website

Maybe it's because I grew up in a town where winters were never absolutely freezing, we never had snow days or polar vortexes, so I have a love/hate but mostly hate relationship with big clunky jackets. I mean, the high for later this week is like 75. It's February. I just am not a fan of the added bulk. And then you've got to take it off and carry it around when you get inside because the heat is on, and that's just annoying. 

With that being said, sometimes jackets are necessary and since I refuse to be the girl that wears hoodies or pullover fleece jackets everywhere (if only you could see me right now, in a fleece pullover at Starbucks writing ironic), so I have had to find some alternatives. My jacket wardrobe consists of:

1. Leather: Black, off-white & burgundy 

2. Blazers: if I named all the colors you would send the Hoarders crew out to my house to rid me of my obsession.

3. Suede: Moto style is always a must-have. And my suede jacket was $19.95 at H&M, full price. The ultimate score.

4. Fur: This is in the form of an oversized vest that is the perfect weight for the south Georgia town I call home. It's perf. And gives an outfit that extra umph. 

A little eclectic mix. What are your must have outerwear pieces?

Just Relax.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Jacket: Trunk 13 T-shirt: Forever 21(similar) Jeans: Old Navy Boots: Target (similar
Necklace: Forever 21 Sunnies: ASOS (similar)

I am usually a pop of color kind of chick. I like a bright lip, bold neon chunky necklace or a brightly printed blouse. This outfit was a departure for me. Neutrals on neutrals. But sometimes that's nice. I feel like sometimes we need to de-stress, chill out in our lives...take a step back and reflect and your clothes can be a tool in helping with that . Personally I feel super sassy and confident when a pop of color makes the statement in my outfit, which is the opposite of chilled out. Obvi. 

Sometimes you need to just go out and feel like you blend in. Some of the ways I like to chill out and have a "me day" are to 

1. Drive around aimlessly, jammin' to a little One Direction.
2. Window shop at local boutiques downtown.
3. Get wrapped up in a good Law & Order SVU marathon. 
4. Read a good book.
5. Try on shoes. Every girl loves shoes. 

What do y'all do for you!? 

Spotted: Our friends know us better than we know ourselves.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fur: Forever 21 (old, but love this) Top: LOFT Jeans: Old Navy Boots: Francesca's (ancient!) Necklace: Gift from best friend Purse: Francesca's (gift from sis) 

After putting this outfit together I realized that my favorite elements were gifted to me from some of the people I am closest to. That got me thinking about how the little goodies you get for birthdays, Christmas's and just because can really tell you a lot about how you are presenting yourself to the world. 

Clearly with the blinged out, studded gold, slightly obnoxious bag and the chunky, loud coral necklace I am giving the world a whole lot of sass. And my friends totally accept that, encourage it even. As if the giant shawl collared fur vest wasn't giving you Carrie Bradshaw, it is clear I have a thing for the dramatic. Which I totally accept. Gladly. Happily even. 

2014 has already taught me a few things, one of which is to not apologize for who I am. In the way that I dress, how I expect to be treated by the lucky fellow who can actually stand to be around me for more than a few hours, or my tendency to prefer music that 14 year olds jam to. (Hello One Direction!!) It has taken me a very long time to accept the kind of girl I am. In the times we are in I think it is becoming more and more difficult to accept who we are. Which is sad. But I can tell you, I'm done apologizing for her. I am one who gives respect and expects it back. I'm the girl you invite to trivia night for her insane amount of pop culture knowledge, and her failure to know anything political. The one who gets more excited for the red carpet coverage than the actual award show. I like for my workout gear to match and I often wish that Ryan Gosling will come into my gym and be my personal trainer. I don't like BS, so if you're looking for that girl, keep on walking. I know my value and I will hold out for that butterflies feeling, whether that is in regards to a hottie who I make awk eye contact with at a bar, getting a phone call that I have finally gotten the dream job, or when I find that perfect piece I have been lusting for. 

2014 is going to be one of no regrets. Time to take chances. And having an amazing support system who you know are there at the drop of a hat makes it easy to take on the world. One obnoxious item of clothing at a time. 

SPOTTED: Accessorize.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sweater: Urban Outfitters Tank: Madewell (ancient) Denim: Old Navy Scarf: Stella & Dot 
Heels: Jessica Simpson (similar) Sunnies: Guess Watch: Marc Jacobs Diamond bracelet: J.Crew Other bracelets: BaubleBar (yellow, Enamel Links) Clutch: Gigi New York

It should come as no surprise to any of y'all that I am indeed an accessories girl. Whether it be layering two or more necklaces, stacks on stacks of bracelets, or a giant scarf slung around my neck. I truly love that added umph given to an outfit by the add ons. If I for some reason leave the house without some form of metal around my neck, in my ears or piled on my wrist, I feel like I have just worn my birthday suit out for the world to see. It's just my thing. 

Another accessory that often gets looked over, in favor of function over style is the purse. While I am in love with my Tory Burch crossbody, the flood of these super functional bags has put a damper on carrying a less convenient, but uber stylish alternative. As a girl from the south, I am a sucker for a monogram. I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to the art of the monogram for crying out loud. So clearly this clutch was an absolute no brainer. 

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