Spotted: Our friends know us better than we know ourselves.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fur: Forever 21 (old, but love this) Top: LOFT Jeans: Old Navy Boots: Francesca's (ancient!) Necklace: Gift from best friend Purse: Francesca's (gift from sis) 

After putting this outfit together I realized that my favorite elements were gifted to me from some of the people I am closest to. That got me thinking about how the little goodies you get for birthdays, Christmas's and just because can really tell you a lot about how you are presenting yourself to the world. 

Clearly with the blinged out, studded gold, slightly obnoxious bag and the chunky, loud coral necklace I am giving the world a whole lot of sass. And my friends totally accept that, encourage it even. As if the giant shawl collared fur vest wasn't giving you Carrie Bradshaw, it is clear I have a thing for the dramatic. Which I totally accept. Gladly. Happily even. 

2014 has already taught me a few things, one of which is to not apologize for who I am. In the way that I dress, how I expect to be treated by the lucky fellow who can actually stand to be around me for more than a few hours, or my tendency to prefer music that 14 year olds jam to. (Hello One Direction!!) It has taken me a very long time to accept the kind of girl I am. In the times we are in I think it is becoming more and more difficult to accept who we are. Which is sad. But I can tell you, I'm done apologizing for her. I am one who gives respect and expects it back. I'm the girl you invite to trivia night for her insane amount of pop culture knowledge, and her failure to know anything political. The one who gets more excited for the red carpet coverage than the actual award show. I like for my workout gear to match and I often wish that Ryan Gosling will come into my gym and be my personal trainer. I don't like BS, so if you're looking for that girl, keep on walking. I know my value and I will hold out for that butterflies feeling, whether that is in regards to a hottie who I make awk eye contact with at a bar, getting a phone call that I have finally gotten the dream job, or when I find that perfect piece I have been lusting for. 

2014 is going to be one of no regrets. Time to take chances. And having an amazing support system who you know are there at the drop of a hat makes it easy to take on the world. One obnoxious item of clothing at a time. 


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