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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Top // Jeans // Shoes (similar) // Necklace // Sunnies // Clutch // Rings (here, here) // Nails

So, it should be no surprise that I love jewelry. The chunkier the better, if you don't believe me... here, here & here can be a couple references. 

I love a good statement necklace as much as the next bauble-lovin' babe, but lately I have been trying to simplify my look. Not every occasion needs a Courtney Bib, I can't believe those words just came out of my fingers. (as in I'm typing so they obvi didn't come out of my mouth, duh!). 

So, naturally when I was approached to host a party for a brand I knew little about, Chloe + Isabel, I was overjoyed! It was an obvious fit once I checked out their look. Full of statement, and more delicate pieces, like this necklace! Can you believe it's convertible! You can keep it layered like I did, or break the two apart. It's like three necklaces in ONE! Talk about savvy.

Here's the link to my online party with Chloe + Isabel! Lets get to shopping ladies! 

Wave on Wave on Wave.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Top // Jeans (similar) // Shoes // Sunnies // Clutch // Necklace // Ring // Nails // Lips //

So, if you know me at all, I really hate styling my hair. I have a ton of it, it's super thick and just takes forever. I also like when my hair looks like I haven't done anything to it. The undone, but still some effort put into it is my ideal hair game. 

I am sure y'all were getting sick of just seeing the same straight-ish look, without much change, so I have decided to take it upon myself to get a little more creative. Hello Pinterest. 

In comes the curling iron. I don't claim to be a curling genius, or know exactly what I'm doing at all, but I do kind of love the look that happens when I take the 20 extra minutes to bump up the style factor. It helps out two-day-old hair too. (Like in these shots.) 

A little secret hair secret, I took the clamp part of my 1 inch curling iron off so I don't make that line that more often than not decides to show up and ruin all my handy work. It's like a curling wand, but doesn't give that ringlet-type bounce. 

Next stop, the half up top knot. 

Spring Has Officially Sprung.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dress // Shoes // Necklace // Sunnies (similar) // Nails // Ring// 

Spring has most definitely sprung and I could not be more excited! Which prompted me to bring out the gams, neon and a little bit of bronzer. 

While I was working a couple weeks ago, a girl came in with a fashion emergency. Her boyfriend and her were walking around downtown and her shoe broke. I pointed her straight to the flip flops and thank the heavens we had her size! She left five minutes later, wedges in hand, flops on her feet and all I could think about was her dress. She had the one I am wearing, that I had completely forgotten about. It's a couple years old from J. Crew (obvi), and was also my mom's. She wore it like crazy, and for good reason. 

Classic shapes and a great color can go far in making certain pieces in your closet stand the test of time. 

What pieces are in y'all's closet that you have had for years and still look brand new?! 

And one blooper from the shoot because I can't be all up on a tree and not swing around like Tarzan. Obvi. 

Fifty Shades of Green.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Y'all are probably sick and tired of my neon skirt by now, but I just have to give y'all one last look. Until I wear it again in a few weeks, let's be real. It is just that good. And it ended up being the perfect thing to wear, with it being 80 degrees and gorgeous! 

I don't think I realize enough how lucky I am to grow up in the city I did. It is breathtakingly beautiful, I mean tourists come from near & far to visit, but it is rich in traditions that are just too much fun! The biggest one I would have to say is St. Patrick's Day. A day when the Irish Catholics of the city, as well as everyone else who is Irish for a day, come together for a crazy, fulfilled day full of fifty shades of green. And no, I did not think of that one myself, all the credit goes to my fellow blogger & friend Josh. 

Here are a couple snapshots of my day. Full of family, friends, red lips & potbelly pigs. 

Part of my little Irish family, before we walk in the parade!

Yes, I am on my tiptoes. Yes I am also 4 1/2 years older. 

Oh hay potbelly pig. 

Showin' this Arizona chick how we do St. Pat's.

My men-in-uniform-smoochin' crew. Red lips & all. 

SVA ladies, plus Cort.

Shop the look: 

Can't Stop, Won't Stop.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Tee // Denim Jacket (similar) // Skirt // Shoes // Bag // Necklace // Rings // Sunnies // Lips // Nails  


As a Savannah local, and for those of y'all that don't know, this holiday is a B.I.G deal in my little hometown. As the second largest parade in the US (talk about big deal status), we take our Irish celebrating very seriously. Which basically means one giant party weekend, that extends into the week if the parade falls on a weekday. I swear to y'all, I have seen more green than I care to in the past couple of days! 

I have been going to the parade for as long as I can remember, whether walking with my family (yes, we are legit and have a spot in the parade), or hanging with friends in one of the gorgeous squares, it has always for me been not just about the party, but about the clothes. 

I will be the first to tell you green is not my favorite color, I'm just not a fan. So this year, with the help of J. Crew of course, I have decided to go neon. 

THIS SKIRT. Please don't be frightened by the admittedly outrageous shock value it has when walking down the street, it is completely wearable and adorably cute. 

I am a firm believer in taking a great shape in an unexpected color to keep the fun factor. As long as the bones of a piece of clothing are good, well made and all that, you can experiment with the color or pattern in order to achieve the "style factor." And who doesn't love the font of this Hello tee?! 

Casual Stud.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Top // Jeans // Shoes // Coat // Earrings (similar) // Bag // Sunglasses

I think some people have this idea that bloggers are gals who just run around drinking tons of coffee in really white cups, with hearts made of foam, dressed to the nines, dripping in fantastic jewelry with outfits that are far from simple. Always having tons of layers, pops of color and a great blowout. Or is that just me?

I will be the first to admit that is not me. Take today for example, the reason you haven't seen anything on my Instagram about my outfit is because I am currently in sweats, two-day old hair in a high pony and a tank that says "Do Work". Nothing glamorous here. 

The majority of my outfits are as simple as jeans and a top. I mean, I guess the Valentino-inspired flats, J. Lo hoops and the pop of color in the mini bag definitely make it not your average look, but it's definitely comfy. 

This is not to say that I don't love faux fur, bright red lips and tons of jewelry piled on. I mean, DUH. But, I just want to share a little bit into my dressing philosophy and what I look like on the days  I don't decide my outfit is #OOTD worthy. 

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