Fifty Shades of Green.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Y'all are probably sick and tired of my neon skirt by now, but I just have to give y'all one last look. Until I wear it again in a few weeks, let's be real. It is just that good. And it ended up being the perfect thing to wear, with it being 80 degrees and gorgeous! 

I don't think I realize enough how lucky I am to grow up in the city I did. It is breathtakingly beautiful, I mean tourists come from near & far to visit, but it is rich in traditions that are just too much fun! The biggest one I would have to say is St. Patrick's Day. A day when the Irish Catholics of the city, as well as everyone else who is Irish for a day, come together for a crazy, fulfilled day full of fifty shades of green. And no, I did not think of that one myself, all the credit goes to my fellow blogger & friend Josh. 

Here are a couple snapshots of my day. Full of family, friends, red lips & potbelly pigs. 

Part of my little Irish family, before we walk in the parade!

Yes, I am on my tiptoes. Yes I am also 4 1/2 years older. 

Oh hay potbelly pig. 

Showin' this Arizona chick how we do St. Pat's.

My men-in-uniform-smoochin' crew. Red lips & all. 

SVA ladies, plus Cort.

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  1. Love this look! The skirt is so fun!!

  2. Love how you styled your skirt! Glad you had such a fun St. Patty's Day. I'm jealous it was 80 degrees. It is currently snowing in PA. Ugh.

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  3. Looks like so much fun! I totally see why you wear that skirt on repeat.... it's adorable

    Emma | With A City Dream


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