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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What a whirlwind weekend! I am still trying to catch my breath, and feeling a bit under the weather. Dang weddings! I had the most amazing time in Birmingham celebrating one of my besties from high school. It was one of the most gorgeous weddings, like ever. Some other SVA ladies made the road trip as well, making it that much more FUN! I also made a pitstop in the good ol' ATL for some best friend time. It was such a great friend weekend, one I won't forget for a long time. I mean, when you get to wear a dress with a collar that intense, along with 11 other loveies, how could you forget?! Here are a few snapshots from the weekend!

Rehearsal Dinner. 

Nothing better than a good monogram. Unless, of course, you were to talk about my hair! LOVED what they did. I gave them Lauren Conrad/ Julianne Hough as the inspiration. 

Savannah gals take on Bham. 

Can we talk about how absolutely adorbs this flower girl dress is. She was the envy of all the bridesmaids. Obvi. 

SVA hayy. 

Me with the glowing bride.

My fellow bridesmaid/ former roomie. 

So glad I got to catch up with this lady on my way back to Savannah. Miss her lots and lots. 

I think I'm going to start incorporating a weekly snaps post of what's been going on in my life, in case you don't already follow my every move on Instagram. So watch out friends, I'm about to be crazy picture taking lady. 

Outfit deets:

Rehearsal dress: J.Crew (old, but this is similar)
Big pearl necklace: Entourage 
Phone case: Kate Spade (similar)
Flower girl dress: Etsy (Y'all. I want it in big girl size on the real) 
Striped button down: Gap
Denim shorts: J.Crew
Purse: Kate Spade (similar)

Time to Play.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tee: Forever 21 (similar) Jeans: Gap Shoes: Vince Camuto Sunnies: Guess (similar)
Necklaces: BaubleBar

Sometimes you just have to know when to let it all go and pretend to be a kid again. A time when life was simple. Easy. You didn't have to worry about how you are going to finish that project at work, whether or not you're good enough, or losing those pesky pounds that just seem to multiply. Where you could throw on your bum clothes and just play. Now mind you, my bummy outfits consisted of lace ruffle socks and not getting a stitch of dirt after being at camp all day.

You just can't take yourself seriously when swinging on a swing in three inch heels. Doing something that is probably a little ridiculous, and might get you some weird looks is half the fun. Be silly. Have fun. Don't worry. 

And P.S. wearing open-toed shoes is still not a smart idea. Hello sand all up in everything. 

Put Me In Coach.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tee: Gap Jeans: Gap Shoes: Vince Camuto Hat: J.Crew Necklace: Entourage (similar)
Clutch: Francesca's (similar

Now, I may not be the most athletic gal in the bunch and it might surprise more than a few of y'all, but I am quite the baseball fan. While I don't know every major leaguer in the game, I do understand more than the average watcher, thanks to one of my dearest and best friends Carol. I have been sitting by her side, learning what a balk is, figuring out what a strike looks like and spending far too many hours in the car roadtripping to different games since I was 16.

Springtime makes me so excited for the sheer fact that baseball is back! Whether it's watching the Braves on the big screen, the Savannah Sand Gnats on a thirsty thursday night, or a college game, I am right there. Front row center. And watching those boys out there in tight baseball pants doesn't necessarily stink either.

Welcome Home.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dress: H&M Heels: Francesca's Purse: Kate Spade Sunnies: Guess Necklace: BaubleBar

Sometimes you just gotta take it back. To the place that shaped you into who you are. The one you first learned to straighten you hair in, where you sat for hours at your desktop computer desperately waiting for AOL to sign in so you could chit chat on AIM with your crush (who probs had a really sweet instant messenger name, obvi), or where you and your sister watched every Mary-Kate & Ashley movie known to man.

I figured if y'all have been following this blog at all, then you might be half-way interested in what I've got to say. So welcome to my childhood house, the place that I call home, and the most adorable little house a girl could dream of. Once I get my bedroom looking blog worthy, y'all can see that. I currently have a stack of Brittany Fuson prints that need to be hung, and clothes that need to be picked up. The struggle.

A little about this outfit. I bought this dress from H&M probably close to 3 years ago. It was at the height of the Rachel Zoe Bravo show, and I just felt like this dress was beyond a RZ moment. I couldn't resist. It is an oldie, but goodie. I haven't worn it in a years, but I am trying to be more creative with my blogger outfits so I thought I would give it a go! I am still as much in love as I was 3 years ago, and it fits me better than it did back then! Score.

Bring on the neon.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Top: Trunk 13 Jeans: Old Navy Shoes: No clue (similar) Sunnies: Forever 21 (Ray-Bans version) Necklace: J.Crew (not similar, but gorgeous)

It should be no surprise I am drawn to statement pieces. Whether its jewelry, a striking shoe, or a vibrant top, I really kind of love wearing items that catch attention. Now, that is not to say I'm an attention seeking crazy. Definitely not! I just like the impact. 

Before I got my big girl job, I had a few shifts at Trunk 13. And the day I got this neon stunner ended up being quite the ironic one. My blogger gal pal, Lights Camera Catwalk, ended up coming to the store. We hadn't met yet in person, only Twitter and Insta (obvi) so we had the "wait a minute I know you but I don't know you but you look so familiar because I've seen your face too many times" look for a bit, then she introduced herself and we became top twinsies. 

welcome to the club kate.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Button down: Gap Jeans: Old Navy Shoes: Vince Camuto Sunnies: Guess Purse: Kate Spade (similar) Necklace: Entourage Bow Ring: Forever 21(similar

Turning 25 has been quite the adventure so far. I got a big girl job, started rolling the hem of my jeans, became a regular gym goer, and lightened my hair. Clearly this is a varied list of accomplishments, but they are all very high priorities in my life. 

Le duh.

I have also learned, being the ripe age of 25, that investment pieces are far more important than you realize. They can take your look from school girl, to adult who knows how to WERK it. Being that I am 5'2 on a good day, I have a tendency to look more like a 15 year old, than 5 years away from 30. So spending a little more, or being more conscious about your purchases, can actually age you. In a good way. 

At least this is what I told myself when I saw this absolutely GORG bag at Kate Spade. I needed it to feel like a workin' girl. Although I have yet to actually bring her to work, I am an overprotective momma and refuse to put her on the floor. 

You might be wondering what things you should consider investing in. 

Here's my thoughts.
1. Denim. A great pair of jeans can be both casual and dressy. My personal preference, the skinner the better.
2. A great bag. See above. 
3. Sunnies. I am the first to admit I am a sunnies hoarder. However, among my endless supply of Forever 21 $5 pairs, the ones I gravitate to most are the ones that cost more than all of the cheapy ones combined. 
4. A good stacked heel. So much more comfortable, and they will literally go with everything.
5. A gold stud earring. I wear my Tory Burch ones my sis gave me for college graduation almost everyday. 

Style Hunting Made Easy with New Shopping Tour in Savannah By ‘Tiques

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Photos given by 'Tiques

A sneak peek at some of the fashion finds you’ll see on the ‘Tiques Boutique Shopping Tour!

Hi Style Hunters,

We wanted to pop over and let you know about the brand new boutique shopping tour called ‘Tiques that we are launching April 11 & 12. For the past two years, we’ve been showing folks some of the best food in Savannah and mixing in plenty of history and unique experiences not available to the general public. Now, we’re taking that concept and applying it to Savannah’s fashion scene.

For 3.5 hours, we’ll take small groups of 12 on a style hunting mission, with a few flavorful stops along the way, including Chocolat by Adam Turoni and a quick snack, so you can be at the top of your fashion game. Each stop equals a one-of-a-kind, VIP experience that makes this so much more than just a browse-and-buy type of tour. Designers, fashion curators, and the fabulous Style Hosts that serve as your guide to some of the best shopping in the city will be on hand to make our shopping tour unique. Plus, the exclusive deep discounts and gifts you’ll receive more than cover the cost of the $37.50 ticket.

And to help us celebrate our launch, we are offering two discount codes good for the month of April:

·      Buy one, get one ticket 50% off for April 11 & 12 tours using code LAUNCH
·      Buy one, get one ticket 25% off for all other April dates using code HONEYMOON

Happy hunting! Can’t wait to see you on the tour!


I don't know about y'all....but I am BEYOND excited about this! I will most definitely be going on this tour, and would love for y'all to come along! You better believe there will be a post covering every juicy detail. My little hometown is really starting to make a name for itself, and I am ready for each and every stylish click of the heels! 

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