Twenty Five Years Young?

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The last 25 years have been nothing but a slew of fantastic memories, great friends, loving family, and of course some truly iconic outfits. I decided to honor the birth of me, by allowing y'all to have a glimpse of my fashion highs and also some questionable choices. We all have them right? But of course, like any other child, I firmly blame my mother for anything that might raise eyebrows. She had a thing for matching outfits, lace socks and a little too much Oshkosh. 

Had to get a birthday shot in. Not sure if it's mine, but I do know I am serving it to you with my matching stripes, oversized faux eyeglasses and bow. 

Taken at a friend's wedding, with one of my absolute best friends, I love this look. I do regret cutting my hair that short, not a huge fan looking back. However, the Rachel Zoe moment I wanted to achieve is ALL THERE. Slightly hippie dippie trippie, with a pop of turquoise. Yes. 

Now I have no words for this. I think it was a slumber party in which we were dressing up, obvi. I didn't make a habit of wearing high waisted umbros, a windbreaker and some clogs. However, I had to pay homage to my first ever red lip. 

Look at that pose. Clearly I was a blogger before it was cool. No wonder I am obsessed with jumpsuits, I've been rocking them for years. 

I prove my point. A ruffle, jungle print jumpsuit. Need I say more. 

This is one of my dad's favorite pictures of me, like ever. Not quite sure why. It is probably the gloves. 

 So many trends making their debuts across the pond in this shot. This picture was taken in Paris, and we are serving the Europeans with a heavy dose of oversized sunnies and denim jackets. 

Few things are better to me than leopard, a romper and a pop of turquoise.

So much 90's goodness happening. Check out the tank and short shorts behind me. 

 My senior year prom dress. I was so beyond obsessed, and still kind of am. 

Oh my panama hat. Gosh I love that thing. With a floral mini, to a concert on a lake. What else would you expect from me people?

Last but not least. What? You don't cut the grass in crew socks and a ribbon in your hair? Don't forget the safety glasses. 

Here's to 25 more years of unfortunate, and utterly fabulous fashion risks. 


  1. Happy Birthday!!! You are too cute in all of these!! I'm loving all the rompers - I need rompers in my life...they're like adult onsies!! ;-)

    1. Thank you so much!! Yes you need rompers. They are amaze. xo


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