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Monday, February 24, 2014

Top: H&M Denim: Old Navy Kicks: Target (similar) Necklace: BaubleBar (le duh) 
Sunnies: ASOS (similar)

Living in Savannah is like living inside the most gorgeous, temperamental place. The weather changes hourly, going from sunny to rainy to cloudy to 85 degrees. But everywhere you go, you can find a view that will take your breath away. Now, some might consider taking blog pics in a cemetery might be creepy, but when it looks like can't not. And obvi a giant neckpiece and sneaker wedges are the appropriate attire. Duh.

A not so funny, but still kind of hilarious story happened while getting ready for this shoot. The plan was to do a recreation of my New Years Eve outfit, with a spring twist. Now, I have been known to change outfits, very strategically, in the back seat of my car. This makes putting on leather leggings, lots of layers all while dodging for cars and bike riders a sport of their own. Y'all I don't recommend it. The top I wore for NYE was a GORG peplum from Anthropologie that I have literally been obsessed with forever. So while changing, in the back seat of my car, in a cemetery, there was so much going on that the zipper got caught on I don't even know what. Sent me into a panic. Like this one time I was in Forever 21 with my best friend Katie and I was completely freaking out because the one time I decide to try things on, a dress got stuck on me and the zipper would not move. And the dress wasn't even that cute. Ugh. We were talking through the dressing room walls and all she could do was laugh. Sweet. 

Well, clearly this flashback added more pressure onto the situation and I called out for assistance. My photographer, Marianne, to the rescue! We got it so that I could take it off, after like 13 minutes of being stuck and trying to move the zipper pull thing far enough down that I could shimmy it while laughing and watching people walk around. 

The blogging game is nothing but full of surprises. What is your biggest blogger blooper?


  1. This necklace is amazzzzzing! Such a cute look!

    Simply Cydney

  2. Love your blog! Amazing photos. You're inspiring me :)

    1. Thanks so much sweet girl! I got your email and I'll send you one back soon! :)


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