St. Patrick's Day.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I am refusing the weather outside and officially claiming that SPRING HAS SPRUNG. I am beyond over sweaters, bulky jackets and freezing cold temps. Let's be real. I am ready for rompers, floral prints, bright colors and having a tan. Being from Savannah, there are a few things that happen in early spring that make a southern girl swoon. The anticipation of the first day we can wear sandals and show our painfully white legs. The day a sleeveless dress can be rocked with no leather jacket. And the countdown that happens right after New Year's Eve, to St. Patrick's Day.

We have the second largest parade in the country, one where the fountains in our squares are dyed green, you can carry around your alcoholic beverage in a plastic cup and not get in trouble, and you can give away red-lipped kisses like they are candy. A girl's St. Pat's outfit is as crucial as a gameday outfit at the first UGA game. It's got to have the right amount of green, any shade is appropriate, a little bit of white for spring, and a pile of beads. And if you are wearing any orange, that is just a no-no! We all like to find that one green item that no one else has. Which is easier said than done.

Now for me, my family walks in the parade, so I am feeling the added pressure to have a unique and completely adorable look for the fateful day. Online shopping has become my best friend, in looking for a way to style a fabulous outfit for seeing just about everyone I know. It is a see and be seen type of day.

In preparation for the big day I have lined up a few posts showcasing some of my favorite GO GREEN looks for y'all who are procrastinators (much like ME) and haven't found that perfect look yet!

Today it is all about LuLu's. A great source for awesome bags, dresses and some adorable rompers!

Laced and Found Mint Blue Dress. (close enough to green)

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