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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top: The Girl That Loves Pants: H&M (not similar, but really really cute) Shoes: Target Sunnies: ASOS Lips: BITE

I can not believe another year has gone by. 2013 was certainly a wild ride for me. I left my life in Atlanta, moved back home to a relatively "small" town, that besides my incredible family, I had absolutely zero roots to anymore, started taking the blog seriously and searched endlessly for that big girl job. Here at the end of this rollercoaster year I can confidently say that I am having way more fun in my little seaside town than I ever thought possible. I have met some incredible people and all I can do is wonder what took us so long to reconnect.

As far as my status as supreme fashion blogger, well that one is still in the works. I have loved every second of styling my own looks, and while I may still be completely awkward in front of the camera, I promise it will get better. Now if God could just work on the big girl job so I can afford my ever expanding closet.

Some things I am looking forward to for the new year:

1. Turning 25. I think I have finally accepted it, partly because my lovely sister will not let me forget I will be half way to 30....but I think I am ready for it. Growing up a little bit, taking the leap into the next chapter of my life. Bring it.

2. Getting out into the big bad working world. It's gotta happen eventually right?

3. Moving out and living in my own place. I can not wait to decorate my own apartment, have a wonderfully styled bar cart, and host fabulous dinner parties. My Pinterest boards can't wait for this either.

4. Accepting the love I deserve. In all aspects, whether it be friends, a gentleman caller, or family. I have been through a lot in my life and just can't wait to see where I go.

5. Continue finding my blogger voice. Become more confident in my style choices and growing. Meeting blogger friends, learning all I can about this crazy, super fun and stylish world.

Now, about my outfit. I love a good dose of sparkle. And NYE is the perfect night to let it all hang out like a giant discoball. (ATL friends will get that one).  I never go in with a specific idea as to what look I want to ring in the new year wearing, but receiving this top from my new favorite online shopping destination, The Girl That Loves was a no brainer. And a good printed pant and red lip are a downright unbeatable combo. Duh.

Well now that I have literally written a novel. Happy New Year my amazing readers! Here's to an even better and stylish 2014!


  1. You are the absolute cutest ever!! Your "big girl job" will happen...who knows, maybe this little fashion blog will become that job you're looking for. You definitely have the beauty and fashion knowledge to do it. Can't wait to see what your 2014 looks like sweet friend. So glad we met. XO - Samantha

  2. Just stumbled across your blog and I love your style! I'm looking forward to keeping up with you this year, as we are in a similar stage in life..I just turned 25 & moved from Atlanta to Savannah this past May for grad school. Good luck with finding your place in the work- world!

    Amanda xo


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