spotted: my bieber shoes.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Leather Jacket: H&M (old, similar) Tank: Forever 21 Pants: Gap (old, similar) Scarf: World Market
Shoes: Target (old, similar) Sunnies: Asos (Ray-ban version

When the sneaker wedge first came out, I will have to admit I was NOT a fan. I didn't understand why someone would want to velcro their tennis shoes and throw in a few inches of height. Just made no sense. You can't run in those. And I have a strict no athletic wear with denim, so clearly I was completely against the this. Then I went to Target....which we all know is the end. Target makes you find things you don't want or need and then all of the sudden you are home, unloading a full car of all this random nonsense. These sneaks included. 

Granted I got them on sale, but when I tried these puppies on, y'all I was changed. I figured out they aren't really that bad. Kind of fun. And you can in fact run in them. Every time I have gone out, they are the topic of conversation. My loving friends call them my Bieber shoes. I most definitely have an addiction, I am basically stalking the all black pair at Target. Just waiting for them to go on sale! 

Do any of y'all feel the way I do about these terrible, but awesome footwear?

In other news......I am beyond excited for the second episode of Courtney Loves Dallas. If you haven't had the joy of watching the first one, get to Bravo NOW and do it. She is literally all that I aspire to be in life. All wrapped up in a hilarious bow. Things I have learned from her so far....wear a sweater with a giant cat on it when you know you're going to see your ex and that although it has been wayyy too long since I've had a boyfriend, clothes & fashion will always be there. 

Meet CK here

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  1. Have you heard of Hukkster? It's a site that you "hukk" (basically pin) items and ask for a notification when it: A. goes on sale B. is at least 25% off C: is at least 50% off. It well send you an email when it goes on sale!


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