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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

So, I've been in the same house since I was two, so this height chart in my closet is super cool. Clearly I haven't changed much since 2003/ 2005. Sad day. 

Much like my eclectic wardrobe, I like for my room to feel like it has taken years to create. It is of course, an extension of myself. A little all over the place, with pops of color and things everywhere. As crazy as it might seem, it actually does make sense. Organized chaos I like to think of it as. Although my mother would have a very different opinion. 

As I said before, my family has lived in the same house since I was about two, and since I decided to move back to my hometown from the ATL almost two years ago (EEEK!), I have moved back into my childhood room. Which, on the one hand is really cool and is home to some fabulous memories like Mary-Kate & Ashley movies with my sister, having literally every family Christmas at my house and rollerblading in the living room, around the kitchen and in the hallway. All great things. However, since I've been back there are some drawbacks as well. Like the closet. When they were building closets back in the 20's, they clearly did not think about the 21st century blogger gal who has to have options. 

Which is why I have had to get creative in my "organization" methods. Wicker baskets hold my denim, a thrifted cupcake stand houses my bracelets and trays from Home Goods pull the whole look together. 

I love colorful accessories, and really do enjoy showcasing them as part of my bedroom decor. I may, however, after taking these shots, invest in some lucite gear from GlamBoxes. 

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