The Big Fake Wedding

Monday, February 23, 2015

Hi ladies!! Today's post is all about weddings. Now, I will be the first to admit to y'all that I am no where near wedding bells. I am starting to believe I literally repel romantic relationships, almost as if "eternally single" is tattooed on my forehead with ink that only men can read.

However, I am in fact still a girl who gets excited about the idea of weddings, the union of two people who are so in love that they want to spend crazy amounts of money making sure everyone understands that. I love everything about them, from the flowers, to the dress, to the men in tailored suits, to the craziness that is just bound to happen. There is something gorgeously beautiful about the whole affair.

As I have been a bridesmaid in quite a few weddings, three just last year to be exact (photos above), I know there is a ton of planning that goes into making sure everything goes off without a hitch. Which is why the idea of the bridal show came into play, a way to make the choices easier, or perhaps harder with all the choices for the brides-to-be.

I am SUPER pumped to be invited to go to an alternative to the traditional bridal show in a couple weeks, The Big Fake Wedding. A show that lets the brides, and non-brides like myself, get immersed in a real life (but ultimately fake) wedding. That way they can see the vendors in action, not just at a booth with images of their work. Making the whole experience that much more real!

Mark your calendars ladies!! Use the code "HalfOffTheBFW" for 50% off your ticket and come be a guest to the most fabulous wedding of 2015! 

What are y'all's favorite part of a wedding?! 


  1. Incredible experience. From their top class manager along with all the servers, bartenders etc. we could not have asked for more. The food at Chicago Wedding Venues was delicious and everything was served so promptly. We had Potato & Leek soup for our appetizer and it was the best soup I have ever tasted!

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