You got that long hair, slicked back, white t-shirt. And I got that good girl faith and a tight little skirt.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Blazer - H&M (old) / Tee - Chip&Pepper / Jeans - J.Crew/ Scarf - J.Crew
Necklace - House of Harlow / Hat - H&M / Shoes - Converse

There rarely things that I see other people wear, that I think I can't pull off. Nike high tops, an Herve bandage dress, a pair of TOMS or a super plunging risqué neckline are just a few of the things I am still struggling with imagining myself in. Most of them for obvious reasons. (Hi my bod is nothing like a Kardashian.)

One thing that used to be on the list, which can now be checked off are Converse. For years I have watched my friends, super cool hipster downtown peeps or the ladies of Pinterest rock these classic shoes. I just instantly wrote myself off that train, never even considered buying the ticket. Then, what can I say, I was walking through Macy's (randomly) and saw the white ones screaming at me. They said HEY I'M ON SALE, YOU COULD TRY ME FOR LIKE $30.

Like any good shopaholic would do, I gave into the temptation, and went for it. Best decision ever. I wear them constantly, especially with the weather being as random as it is. I mean, it is December and the highs have been in the 70s. What the heck? I can't wear my over the knee boots (last seen here).

So ladies, the moral of my story, take one item off your never could I ever wear list, and just try it. You more than likely won't be sorry! Well....your bank account might be.

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  1. I love your scarf! This whole outfit is styled perfectly.

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink


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