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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Top - J Crew Factory Jeans (similar) - Chip & Pepper
Booties - Marshalls Necklace - J Crew Factory
I have to say, these jeans are my first dive into the colored denim trend. I know, I know, gray is really not that big of a stretch from the classic denim look, but for me it is a BIG DEAL. I have never been a fan of the look. Colored pants seem to to look so much better on the girls who grace my Pinterest news feed than in actual real life.

However, when I co-hosted the Belk Girls Night Out event a few weeks ago (here), the dynamic duo Chip & Pepper made me try on these gray beauties. Not only did I go down in size, but I fell in love. And they signed the inside pocket! How sweet is that?!

You might be wondering why in the world I am what seems to be the only blogger not wearing a Zara, or Zara inspired blanket scarf yet. Well that would be because the high temperature for today is a staggering 88 degrees. While I am a self-proclaimed summer gal. Loving the sun, beach and denim cut-offs. I am starting to lust for scarves, chunky knits and closed toe boots.

You might also be wondering where the title of the post came from. Kind of cryptic I know. If you do not have Taylor Swift's new album 1989, RUN to Target right now. It is $1 more than the one on iTunes, but it comes with 3 extra songs that are totes worth it. Currently on repeat.


  1. I featured my Zara scarf yesterday on my blog, and today it's almost 80 degrees in Pittsburgh. The weather can be so weird. I hope you get to break out those scarves and chunky sweaters soon!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  2. I totally understand your weather dilemma. It's been in the 70s and 80s all weekend and week here in Kentucky! But you look fab anyways!

    xox Leslie

  3. TSwifty lyric and a killer necklace, no wonder I love you! I haven't ventured into colored jeans yet, other than my black skinnies but these look cute and comfortable!


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