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Monday, June 23, 2014

Let me just preface this post by saying I was graced with the presence of one of my oldest friends. I'm talking old school summer camp besties. She was and still is, a gal who lights up every room she steps in, and has not changed at all after all these years. Anytime I see her, she's there calling me Emmy and it feels like we are back in the back treehouse at Pacer sneakily playing truth or dare, talking about what boys we liked, or practicing our latest Spice Girls routine the 5 of us were going to perform. And if you were wondering, I was Ginger Spice. Complete with red lips and matching velcro platform shoes. (insert peace sign emoji here)

Leslie's look: Dress: Old Navy Sunnies: Vintage Bracelet: Vintage 
My look: Top: J.Crew (similar) Pants: Gap Sunnies: Trunk 13 Boutique 
Rings: H&M (similar: midi & stack

We did all things classic blogger. 

1. Smile at the camera. Slightly angled, or hands in pockets. Something to make the outfit pop off the page. Instead of just awkwardly standing straight up. 

2. The look at each other, or in the distance and smile or giggle. (We did a lot of that one)

3. Look down at your shoes, while still looking amused and super happy. 

4. The close up shot of the accessories. Especially if they are stacked. Or are the main focus of the look.

5. And of course, walking. Or as I like to call it....the blogger strut. Because, you have to be aware at all times of what the outfit is doing. 

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