Just Crop It.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Leather Crop Top (old) // Striped Pants (old) // Zara Leopard Heels // Gold Clutch // 

Photos by Laura Leigh

When brainstorming what I was going to wear to night one of #SBScon several things popped into my head. Initially my thought went to dress, simple and fun but very cocktail hour appropriate. As I thought about it, I decided that might be playing it a little too safe. But of course, when I started packing my intuition told me to bring the leather crop top. I mean, isn't that what everyone thinks of when they pack? 

The time came for me and my roomies (and now blogger besties) to get ready, nothing else seemed appropriate but these two tried and true pieces. I styled it a bit differently in these pics than I did for the actual event, but with the cocktail hour being on the rooftop at 6pm in hot Charleston, we were not particularly photo ready. Replace the giant bauble with a hot pink lip and add a crown braid by Corbin, and you've got my rooftop look. Y'all can check it out on my Instagram

The takeaway from this look is definitely to take risks. When an event calls for "cocktail attire" why go straight to a dress? Why not wear a great pair of wide leg pants and a crop top? Why can't you make an unexpected choice and completely rock it? I say take those fashion risks, who says you can't? 

Our best twinning emoji pose. 



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