Just Beachin'

Monday, April 6, 2015

It should be no surprise that this coastal gal loves the beach. And will go whenever it is humanly possible. I grew up with beach trips every weekend, spring breaks where all we had to do was drive 30 minutes to Tybee, and being tan was not an option (it just happened). When I looked at the extended forecast for last week, saw that it was going to be 80+ degrees on Friday, and that I did not have to work, equaled one thing....beach day. I immediately texted my good friend Josh, of The Hungry Southern Wanderer, and we put the plan in action. Starting with some #nomakeup shots before heading to the sand. 

I should briefly side note that this is as au natural as it's going to get with me. No makeup, air dried hair, chipped nail polish. If you wondered how I looked on my days off of blogging, it is some variation of this. (Sorry y'all). 

One of the hardest things for me is finding the perfect beach wear. You definitely want to be casual but still super cute. On the off chance you catch too much sun, loose and comfy pieces are ideal. That way your skin doesn't get more angry than it already is, trust me. Everyone's been there. So this shirt, borrowed from my sis, was perfect. I've got to have something that looks good with a hat, since by the end of a long day, the beach hair sometimes has a mind of its own and needs to be tamed. 

My Good Friday was one of the best, and has got me itching for more sunny days. 

Some of my favorite beachy pieces that need to find their way to my closet! 


  1. Loving that hat and those sandals!



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