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Sunday, July 26, 2015

The intention of this outfit was to have this adorable Lilly clutch be the center of attention, with this ultra fantastic link necklace that was borrowed from my mom! Shocking I know, but if y'all don't know my mother has exceptional style. Where do you think I got it from?!

This was shot the last time I was home for the July 4th weekend by one of my best gals Cort. We decided to grab a peach sangria (our fav!!) and do what we do A little backstory, Cort and I met at J. Crew so obviously we bonded over our love of clothes and shopping. Drink in hand, we wandered into Anthro, where they were having a sale, so naturally we decided to take advantage.

The second I put this turban on, and took 15 minutes to get it perfect, which of course means intentionally messy and thrown together, I decided it had to be mine!

Rather than lose the clutch, I decided the more patterns the merrier. When I asked Cort if it was too much she said, well it is for me but isn't that kind of what you do? HA! Lesson learned. When in doubt pile on the patterns, giant necklace and round it out with a neon lip.


  1. BUT seriously how cute are you?! Love the necklace and turban!

    XO Corbin Tate
    Classy South Blog

    1. Not as cute as you! But thanks lover! xox

  2. oh I'm loving everything about this look! You look amazing! XO

    ig: @stylemelauren


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