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Friday, February 27, 2015

Top // Blazer // Jeans // Shoes // Necklace (Rocksbox) // Sunglasses

I debated what to do with this post for a couple weeks. Was I going to share all the fabulous knowledge I had acquired through the course of my twenty fifth year, or just make a list of all the outrageous gifts I wished I would receive. After much thought, and a couple PicMonkey collages of Tory Burch purses & an all black Michael Kors watch (not to drop hints on my wishlist), I decided to give y'all a little bit of who I am. 

I have had this blog for a little over a year, and while y'all see an awful lot of my face, my awkward laughing and sometimes outrageous outfit choices, there hasn't been a post really dedicated to getting to know me. And, obvi y'all are like totes interested. Insert wink face emoji. So without further adieu, here are 10 things you may or may not know about me. 

1. I absolutely hate coffee. Starting off on a negative one, but it really is gross. I love the way it smells, but I just can't imagine jolting my mornings with a cup of joe. So, if you ever see my Instagram with what looks like a Starbucks coffee, it is actually hot chocolate. My faux coffee. Since every blogger needs to have the classic, and perfectly IG-filtered foam latte shot. 

2. I collect fashion coffee table books. Ones by designers, style gurus, or filled with gorgeous and stylish images of women I aspire to be. I dream of one day having a bookshelf (or shelves) filled with fresh peonies, cute bookends I have made from figurines and spray painted metallic gold, via a Pinterest DIY and these books. My mom and I decided years ago, while she was in a panic to find Christmas presents for me, that I should start collecting something. I believe that was the year the double faced Mary-Kate & Ashley book came out, so the answer was obvious. 

3. I am terrible at communication with friends. I pride myself on being a great friend, always there to listen and try to help with any situation they might find themselves in. However, I can go weeks without talking to my best friends. Not out of care about them or their lives or that it doesn't pick up right where we left off, but just because I am just not that person. I can't stand constantly texting, probably because my life isn't all that exciting. But if they are reading, I hope they know that I am there, although I might not reach out as much as I should. Everyone has their flaws right?! 

4. I used to wear a full face of makeup, with no eyeliner. Let me preface this by saying that my full face of makeup was never like caked on and orange-tinted. In high school, on the weekends of course because what girl wears makeup to an all girls school, I used to do everything but eyeliner. I'm talking even for proms, dances or special events. ICK! I look back on and just cringe, why did no one tell me I looked absolutely ridiculous. In a fun twist of events, it is now my favorite product. And I only wear Shimmer Ivy Ink by Bobbi Brown. Not even a neutral. 

5. I get headaches if I go too long without sweet tea. I blame it on growing up in a house that always had two gallons of sweet tea in the fridge, as well as a pot on the stove ready to go. Chickfila is my favorite. 

6.  I was terrified to get in front of the camera for the blog.  I still am. I get very nervous in the beginning, hints the laughing. I didn't want to make it seem like I was trying to be a model, or have people think I was narcissistic. I just really enjoy fashion, and although I still think I am incredibly awkward in most of my photos, I have started to enjoy it. 

7. I hate cake. I still have no idea what I will do at my wedding. Thank goodness I love icing. 

8. I met my first love on a cruise I won in a raffle with my best friend from high school. I'll explain. My best friend and I split a raffle ticket for a 4 day cruise and WON! The guy who talked us into spending the $5 a piece for the ticket, did so by telling us this sob story about his illnesses and how our money would help his hospital bills. So we obvi had to enter, after we made sure it was actually legit. I found out via a phone call from my dad while at Gadzooks (throwback) a couple weeks after we entered. Fast forward to the second night of the cruise, while watching some really terrible karaoke, my friend and I saw this huge group of super cute guys making fun of this poor girl singing,  I called dibs on one. We met them later that night at the club on the ship. He grabbed me as I was leaving and asked me a bunch of questions like my name, where I was from and why I was leaving so soon. I can't remember what all I said and I completely forgot his name right after he told me, but figured I would never see him again. The next morning I hear my name while boarding the boat to the private island, coming from an adorable Alabama accent, and freaked. He ended up basically stalking me on the beach, in the most adorable way possible. And I mean, it ended up being pretty ok.... we did date on and off for about 4 years.  CRAZY. I haven't really been in love since. (not to get all downer on y'all)

9. My denim jacket is from sophomore year of high school. There are some items in your closet that you have an emotional attachment to, and that would be one of them. 

10. I am incredibly grateful for my loyal and fabulous readers! Whether you read every post, or just occasionally stop by. I really appreciate every comment, sweet word and friend I have made via the blog, and social media. I can't believe the connections that exist in the blogging world, and as I take year 26 straight on, I hope to continue to grow this world into something y'all continue to enjoy! 

Photos by Marianne Lucille Photography


  1. This was such a fun post and a great way to get to know you. I can't believe that you don't like coffee, but I will agree that the smell is amazing (and for me, just as good as the taste). And I'd love to start a fashion coffee table book collection, especially once I have my own place. Happy 25th birthday!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

    1. Thanks lady!! Yes, the coffee table book collection is perfect! And an easy gifting idea for family & friends!

  2. The floral print of that blazer is gorgeous!


    1. Thanks love!! It was such a great piece!! And comes in tons of other patterns!!



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