Love And A Graphic Tee

Friday, January 30, 2015

So I know as a single gal I am supposed to loathe Valentine's Day. I am supposed to call it a holiday made by Hallmark, one to make us feel inferior to the couples out there. Then I am supposed to sulk in my pjs, drink lots of wine, eat tons of chocolate and ponder over where all the ex- loves of my life are doing. I then, after a couple glasses, I vow to swipe right on every Tinder match I get, which is just obvi a fabulous idea. Ha!

However, I am not the cynical lovers day hater. I enjoy celebrating love and all the good it can bring to your life, and while I will not be spending my V-Day sulking, I will be spending it in another completely cliche way....with Mr. Christian Grey and one of my best girl friends! HOLLA!

On a single gals Valentine's Day, you still have to look absolutely fabulous, but while trying to not look like you're trying too hard, you never know who could be at happy hour before the movie. And since Mr. Grey is completely and irrevocably taken (sigh), we can go the comfy but adorable and a little sassy route.

I love a good graphic tee, especially one that is a little cheeky, so these from ASOS are completely perfect.

I think Christian will love it! Y'all got big Valentine's Day plans?!


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