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Friday, January 17, 2014


Top: The Girl That Loves Skirt: Trunk 13 Shoes: Nine West Necklace: Trunk 13 Sunnies: ASOS 

Have y'all ever had that moment where you force yourself get out of your fashion comfort zone, try something you quite frankly don't feel like you can pull off and then get the woah that doesn't look half bad look when you see your reflection? 

Welcome to Emily's world when it comes to the crop top. 

Now we all know these teeny tiny bits of material that mostly look more like they would fit a toddler than a chick who is definitely not flat as a board in the chest area are intimidating. Not too many things scare me when it comes to clothes, but color me terrified. However, trying this adorbs little top from The Girl That Loves has changed my life, and my current need to go to Urban and raid their 70% off sale section. Seriously, it's like a crop top heaven in there right now. Paired with a high waisted, fitted bottom the crop isn't looking half bad. Some shape is happening and I don't look like a giant, yet shrunken tent. This was the image that I always associated with this trend. 

What are your fashion demons that haunt you in the night? Let's remedy them ladies. Trust me, it's not half bad. And your closet will certainly thank you for the addition. I know mine has. 

Side note....The Girl That Loves is having a HUGE sale! 40% off some of my favorite pieces! Check it out today!!


  1. i love the skirt; first a leather shirt now the leather skirt from trunk 13- they are both great!

  2. that skirt is to die for! You can't even tell it's a crop top really, awesome look!


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