SPOTTED: what's in my bag.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hello. My name is Emily and I am a hoarder. A closeted hoarder, since I carefully organize my chaos so that it looks like everything in my oversized tote of a purse is an essential part of everyday life. I mean, everyone needs five lotions, huge handfuls of bobby pins and twelve different kinds of chapstick right?? As long as it is packaged in the adorable mini cosmetic case I got at Target, it is clearly a necessity. 

1. Purse. Obvi my obsession with the Phillip Lim x Target bag is still in full effect.

2. Sunglasses case. I don't normally use them, hence the scratches on all my sunnies. But when my fav pair are sent with a leopard case, you make an exception. 

3. Umbrella. A Target purchase. You never know when Mother Nature will make it rain, or T. Pain for that matter. Or Luke Bryan. And I can't have frizzy hair with my main man Luke. Le duh. 

4. Wallet. IN LOVE. It holds all my lovelies as well as some hot pink lipstick I accidentally smeared on it the first day. I call it hazing. A little lipstick never hurt anybody.

5. Mini cosmetic case. Another Target essential. It holds headphones, tons of lotion (face & body), mini perfume, lipstick in all shades, bobby pins, hair ties, a mirror, nail clippers. The obvious needs. I can do your hair and nails, on the go.

6. Hairbrush. For obvious reasons.

7. Pure Barre socks. In pink. Because it is important to have that pop of color in your workout wear. 

8. iPhone running thingy. Clearly I use this all the time. 

9. Gum. I'm an addict. It's a problem that is not really a problem.

10. Miscellaneous things that should be in my cute mini case, but always end up in the bottom of my bag. Or in a random pocket. 

Things not pictured: The tons of change jingling around, crumpled receipts and ripped wristbands from Saddlebags. I hate those stupid things, they always get caught on my skin and hurt when I move my arms while line dancing. But alas, I love Saddles. My Savannah peeps will understand. 


  1. great stuff, love your bag :)

  2. I nominated you for a Liebster Award!


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