SPOTTED: the infamous zara skort.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Denim Jacket: American Eagle (insanely old) T-shirt: H&M Skort: Zara Loafers: DSW Necklace: J.Crew Outlet Sunnies: Guess 

This weather has been outrageous. It literally goes from sunny and 80 degrees, to rainy and icky the next. I just don't understand how Mother Nature thinks she can play this game, I mean it is almost holiday season for goodness sake. 

Every time I am in Atlanta I have to hit up my favorite shopping spots to give in to my cravings. So naturally a trip to Lenox was on the agenda, I just love wandering the halls of a gigantic shiny mall. It is beyond amaze. This was when I found GOLD in the Zara dressing room. 

I have been in love with the skorts at Zara ever since my style icon, and icon in all of life to be completely honest (not to be creepy), featured it on her blog. Everything Courtney Kerr does I love and choosing this skort is most definitely one of them. For some reason, however, I could never pull the trigger on one of the solid color ones. But this pattern number was a no brainer. 

So while the weather is beyond schizophrenic, I thank it for the reason that I can show my legs this close to Christmas. 

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