Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hey y'all! I announced a while ago, but wanted to remind y'all that I've MOVED to a brand new site, with a new NAME! 

WELCOME TO The Style Hunt

I hope y'all will continue to follow along with the fashion fun over on the new look! 


Cyan on Peachtree.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Last week I had the opportunity to tour the most GORG new apartment complex in Buckhead, so of course I brought along my real estate mogul, Steven, and we hit the party! Steven and I have known each other way too long to admit to you, but throughout our friendship we have had our fair share of just going to tour random homes, townhouses and apartments just because, so I knew he would be IN! 

Cyan on Peachtree are luxury apartment homes in the most luxurious area of Atlanta, Buckhead! From the front lobby, to the fitness centers (yes plural...there are TWO!) to the top floor pool, they have taken luxury living to a whole new level. If only I was in the market to move closer in town, these gorgeous apartments would be first on my list! I mean, they are literally right across the street from Lenox Mall. Talk about dangerous!! 

 These photos do not do this place justice. It is literally drop dead gorgeous. If you are in the market for a spot in Buckhead, run don't walk...they are filling up super quick! Did I mention they have a "Bark Park", with a bright red fire hydrant and a "Bark and Bubbles Pet Spaw." How freaking adorable is that?! Y'all literally make me want to get a fur baby of my own!

Brush Off Your Shoulders

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Pom Pom Off-the-Shoulder Top (c/o My Kind of Lovely -- use code STYLEHUNT to get 15% off order through 8/31/15) 

Last weekend I went road trippin' to Nashville with one of my bests. My friend Cortney, we worked together at J. Crew, has family up there and at first was just going to stop by Atlanta as a break between the eight hour road trip! But I weaseled my into the shotgun seat and we had a blast!! There is nothing quite like a road trip with one of your girlfriends. Blasting loud music (our big karaoke number was "This Kiss" by Faith), eating way too much and just talking about random nonsense are essential. Fun fact for y'all....according to Cort I can literally have a conversation with myself. Like I'll start talking about something and if I don't get a response, instead of being quiet and feeling like a dummy...apparently I just continue my thoughts. HA! How embarrassing, and slightly annoying! Guess no one will want to road trip with me now! 

We had lots of fam time in Nash, since we shot her sister's maternity photos and painted a dresser hot pink, which of course, was a blast! We ran around some fun antique shops and had the best hot chicken I think I've ever had. Seriously, if you're ever in Nashville...go to Hattie B's. Just get there early, the line gets CRAY! 

We managed to sneak in a blog shoot while letting paint dry on the dresser, and we thought why not in a construction site? This top y'all....I am obsessed. I have wanted to try the off-the-shoulder trend for a while, but just wasn't finding what I wanted! While I feel like I can only wear this top to eat mexican food (with the pom pom detail) it is so fab. AND the lovely gals at My Kind of Lovely are offering you, my fabulous readers 15% off your order till the end of the month (8/31/15) with the promo code: STYLEHUNT 

Get to it! 

Palm Print and a Pink Lip.

Monday, August 3, 2015

So, I have been wanting to try the culotte pants trend all summer, but choosing the right pair have become quite the issue! When I found this super fun pair from H&M, I was SOLD! 

Add on a super soft cropped striped tee, giant platform wedges and a hot pink lip and you've got a solid summer ensemble. 

What trend can I tackle now?! 

Summer Lovin'

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Do y'all ever have issues picking out what to wear when you have multiple places to go in one day? Having an outfit go from day-to-night during the summer is always a struggle for me, especially since I have been known to change outfits in a given 24-hour period. Insert blushing emoji here.

I should also preface this rambling by saying I get cold pretty much everywhere I go. If we are inside somewhere, chances are you're going to hear some teeth chattering coming from my direction at some point. So a summer weight sweater has always been on my list of staples, although I have found that actually locating said lightweight, but still warmish sweater that can go with multiple potential outfits, is quite the problem.

On the day these shots were taken, I was going from an outdoor concert (where I got to see the real life Elsa sing Let It Go...eeek!), which included a cute little picnic with some work gal pals, to drinks at a bar with a boy. So obvi I had to be way too cute to handle (for the boy) and way too cute where gals would want to know where I got said items (for my girls)! Insert this lightweight sweater, in the most GORG color, from Triple Thread. Y'all need to get on this, I can't wait to wear it for the rest of my summer nights and fall days.

Side note, the boy I met up with liked the giant tassel earrings. I was impressed he didn't ask why I had mini chandeliers hanging from my ears. HA! (Oh and incase y'all are wondering, no me and this boy are not dating! #ForeverSingle)

Prints on Prints on Prints.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

The intention of this outfit was to have this adorable Lilly clutch be the center of attention, with this ultra fantastic link necklace that was borrowed from my mom! Shocking I know, but if y'all don't know my mother has exceptional style. Where do you think I got it from?!

This was shot the last time I was home for the July 4th weekend by one of my best gals Cort. We decided to grab a peach sangria (our fav!!) and do what we do best....shop. A little backstory, Cort and I met at J. Crew so obviously we bonded over our love of clothes and shopping. Drink in hand, we wandered into Anthro, where they were having a sale, so naturally we decided to take advantage.

The second I put this turban on, and took 15 minutes to get it perfect, which of course means intentionally messy and thrown together, I decided it had to be mine!

Rather than lose the clutch, I decided the more patterns the merrier. When I asked Cort if it was too much she said, well it is for me but isn't that kind of what you do? HA! Lesson learned. When in doubt pile on the patterns, giant necklace and round it out with a neon lip.

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